Weekend technical analysis 11/09/2020

Technical analysis of stocks,historic vaccine news are making pop all the old players, here it’s an analysis of supports and resistances of the big players.

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PFE graph technical analysis

$PFE Vaccine news

Aurora cannabis technical analysis

$ACB Exceeded expectations.

  • Support $6,69
  • Resistance at $18,38 around 200 EMA
SAVE Technical analysis

$SAVE Up pre-market, out of the range

  • Support $18,74.
  • Resistance at $24,41- 34,32.
AAL technical analysis

$AAL Up premarket

  • Support at range $13,91.
  • Resistance $19,80- $27,80.
CCL technical analysis

$CCL Up premarket.

  • Next resistance $24,75- $36,43.
  • Support $12,99.