Virgin Galactic reveals the science fiction interior of SpaceShipTwo and next test flight

One step closer for Virgin Galactic to launch the SpaceShipTwo, by the end of Autumn the company will be doing test flights according to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Last Tuesday, Virgin Galactic has inaugurated the science fiction interior of its spaceship where passengers will one day look at Earth after paying $250,000 for a ticket to space.

First revealed during an online event , the design features an “unrestricted astronaut buoyancy zone” for excursions in zero gravity.

The billionaire Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, said the cabin was designed “to enable thousands of people … to achieve the dream of space flight safely.”

Tuesday’s event marked the first public tour of Spaceship Two, which flew to the edge of space for the first time in 2018.

After years of delays and setbacks, Virgin Galactic has not said when it plans to launch its first flight with paying customers.

Last October, Branson said he expected to fly with the company “in months, not years” after raising $ 60 million in funding.

Known for frequently exaggerating how quickly his company can get tourists into space, Branson initially predicted that the first flight would launch in 2009.

But the date has been repeatedly delayed due to technical problems, a successful maiden flight finally took place in mid-December 2018.

At a hefty $ 250,000 per ticket, the 90-minute flight is aimed at wealthy celebrities and thrill seekers.

Branson has said that “ultimately” he would like the price to drop to $40,000 in the next decade.

Virgin Galactic faces fierce competition in the race as more competitors like Amazon and Elon Musk want to step in the industry.