Understanding cannabis stocks

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One of the reasons that many investors have not entered the new cannabis industry is because there is a belief that it is a somewhat delicate investment when dealing with a drug, whether it is for therapeutic use or recreational.

What is clear is that the number of countries that have accepted the recreational or therapeutic use of cannabis has increased and it will keep increasing over the years. Thus, for all those investors who have overcome initial reluctance to invest in the sector, the brake was to find a broker that offered them sufficient guarantees to enter that market.

There are many companies already in the cannabis industry

The truth is that, for a relatively young industry, the market offers many investment variants, each with its own differential characteristics. For example, the Canadian Harvest Health & Recreation is specialized in the cultivation and production of marijuana. Another Canadian company that partially enters into cannabis is Village Farms International, as it is engaged in agricultural production and cannabis is only part of the business.

The Valens specializes in the processing of cannabis, while 4Front Ventures has farms for the cultivation and production of cannabis. Another way to enter the business is through Green Thumb Industries, which operates in the sector as a pharmaceutical company that produces and distributes marijuana and derived products with medical applications.

A final group of companies dedicated to the cannabis sector would be Sprott Inc., which is dedicated to investment services and offers products related with the industry.

Amyris is a biotech company dedicated to high-end cannabis-related products for the health and wellness, beauty, or perfume markets.

Finally, Trulieve Cannabis Corp. is a holding company that is involved through its subsidiaries in the entire process, from the cultivation and sale to the distribution of cannabis for medical applications.

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The market it still growing and not only that it is maturing finding new competitors and new countries to trade in.

While during this pandemic it’s one of the forgotten ones, we believe that this industry it is full of opportunities. The years coming we are going to see more relaxed laws with this industry especially in European countries. Where the well-established US and Canadian companies are going to see increase in their business as they are already approaching those markets.

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