Technical analysis

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sono Technicals 10/26/2020

$SONO again testing resistance


  • Resistance retested since September 2019 few times.
  • Gap to be filled at $16.80, red dotted line.
  • “Kind of” inverted head and shoulders pattern.
  • Higher volume than usual.
  • Strong weekly candle.


About Sonos $SONO?


Sonos is a US developer and manufacturer of wireless home audio products, including smart speakers. The basic idea behind its products is Whole House Audio, i.e., to allow a household to play music from a variety of sources in multiple rooms simultaneously, so that different rooms may hear either the same music source in synch or different music sources, offering high quality end products.

The company was founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai It is currently managed by Patrick Spence.

Sonos has partnered with over 100 companies that offer music services , including PandoraiHeartRadioSpotifyMOGQQ Music, and Amazon Music.[1] Sonos products work with the three major voice assistants: Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant, and Apple Siri, although the latter is currently only supported through Apple’s Home app..[2] In 2019 Sonos acquired Snips SAS, a privacy-focused AI voice platform for connected devices with the goal to bring a music-specific assistant to its devices. (Source Wikipedia)

nutanix Technical analysis 10/26

$NTNX  Retest of the wedge


  • Close to trend line.


  • Gap to be filled at $32.2, red dotted line.


  • Can fly if we break the wedge.


About Nutanix $NTNX


Nutanix, Inc. is a cloud computing company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software,[3] cloud services (such as Desktops as a service, Disaster Recovery as a service, and cloud monitoring), and software-defined storage.[4]

Nutanix was founded on September 23, 2009 by Dheeraj Pandey, Mohit Aron and Ajeet Singh. In early 2013 Aron left Nutanix to start Cohesity, a privately held enterprise storage company.[5]

Venture capital firms invested $312.2 million over five rounds of funding in Nutanix. And t

the company reached a $1 billion valuation by 2013, which made it known as a “unicorn startup“.[6] It raised $140 million in a Series E round of financing in 2014, valuing the company at approximately $2 billion.[7]

Nutanix filed for an initial public offering (IPO) in December 2015, reporting a net loss in its fiscal year ending July 2015 of $126 million.[8] It reported about 5340 employees as of Jul 2019. Updated registration statements were published several more times, including one on August 16, 2016, showing growing losses as well as revenue, along with positive cash flow from operations.[9] Later in August 2016, Nutanix announced it had acquired PernixData.[10]

The IPO on September 30, 2016, raised about $230 million after selling 14.87 million shares at a price of $16.[11][12] This was the biggest IPO of 2016.[13] Analysts expected Nutanix’s public offering would be delayed.[14]

In May 2017, Nutanix partnered with IBM to create a series of data center hardware using IBM Power Systems for business apps.[15]

In March 2018, Nutanix announced the acquisition of Minjar, based in Bangalore.[16]

On June 1, 2019, Nutanix appointed Brian Stevens to its board of directors.[17] In March 2020, Sohaib Abbasi joined the company’s board of directors.[18]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nutanix announced a furlough impacting about 1,500 employees in April 2020.[19] (Source Wikipedia)