Technical analysis 10/19

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$BGFV. Inverted head and shoulders


– Hit same old resistance from 2018 at $9.77

– RSI divergence on the daily

-MACD divergence daily

– Increase in volume last few weeks.

– Last daily candle inverted head and shoulder

I personally think that we could see another attempt to break $9.77 if so $BFGV can fly. Next major resistance after $9.77 it’s at $13.14.



Let’s keep a close eye on $BGFV for the next few weeks. It’s good to add alarms at resistance levels, so we can get notify if there are major changes. I personally use tradingview for charting, here is my affiliate link: TRADINGVIEW


Learn more about head and shoulders patterns here:

ba technical analysis

$BA Still out of that wedge


  • Doji candle on the weekly (uncertainty)
  • Trading flat for the last 3 weeks
  • Out of the wedge kind of retest
I still bullish on $BA , if you look closely on the chart we can see that previous wedge broke and hit target as expected. We can trade in a range for a while. 
ACB technical analysis

$ACB close to buying point


  • Big drop last week, looking to buy in those old supports from 2016.
  • Alternative if we do not hit those supports, I will be looking for a reversal signal.

What is Aurora Cannabis $ACB?


Aurora Cannabis (ACB) is a Canadian licensed grower that was founded in 2006. With a current estimated capacity of more than 500,000 kilos per year, Aurora is considered one of the leading companies in marijuana production and fastest growing in the world.

Aurora Cannabis works in several segments of the cannabis value chain, including genetic research, cannabis breeding, home growing, and retail and wholesale distribution of medical marijuana.

With a growing network of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships, Aurora Cannabis operates in 19 countries on five continents. As the number of countries legalizing the use of medical cannabis increases, the company has embarked on an aggressive international expansion strategy, resulting in sales and operations in Denmark, Italy, Germany and Australia.