Review of the book: Advanced Techniques in Day Trading

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After reading the entire book I found, that there is no need of purchasing the beginner’s book you can start with this book, everything it is explained in detail.

One of the biggest positives I can say about Andrew’s (Author) approach in both of his books is the genuineness with which it has been written. It is an objective view of day trading, which is what I would imagine any reader wants to know.

Anything anecdotal is omitted, and this would make sense for a reader looking to understand a particular concept like day trading. For example it simply wouldn’t make sense for a reader to read about the level of difficulty the author may experience to day trade as this is purely subjective to the individual.

Various marketing schemes talk about how ‘easy’ money can be made, which can skew the consumers mindset, what would be more important is to provide an objective view, and the author has done a fantastic job with this.

While continuing with his “holistic approach” to day trading as an occupation the author dives deeper into specific trading strategies. And he does that with his characteristic “no nonsense” approach.

The book provides a solid foundation in itself for a beginner to get started, but this would only be the beginning of the journey. Subsequent re-reading of the book would certainly benefit as the novice gains practical trading experience, but to have the available content compiled into one book certainly assists the steep learning curve and expedites the process.

The various chapters give the reader all the key areas that require learning so subsequent research can be tailored to those areas, it is simply up to the reader whether they wish to take action.

One particular point that I really liked is that he sets realistic expectations right from the beginning i.e. being a successful day trader is hard and will require focus and dedication. In other words, don’t expect to get rich overnight!

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