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The author stated on page 182 that “candle charting techniques are a tool, not a system,” in the sense that it should never be used standalone but needs to be paired with other more quantitative methods. This, on the other hand, means that candle charts have really no use. In fact, a Robo trading system as described in Forecasting and Timing Markets: A Quantitative Approach is a much better choice, as it relies on historic statistical patterns, rather than a few adjacent candles, to generate buy/sell signals, which are much more reliable.

To start, I’m not commenting on the actual information in the book (mostly). Most everyone says that Steve Nison knows his stuff. Rather I’m very disappointed in the layout of the book. This makes it very difficult to follow, and comprehend the information.

1. The font is VERY large, I can read it from 6 feet away.
2. While the book is large, text is only printed on two-thirds of the page, which causes you to change lines every 5 seconds. It is also bunched to the center fold.
3. Charts also take up only 66% of the page width. There is way too much vertical white space along the outside of the pages.
4. Very often he refers to a chart in the text, but that chart is 2 pages back, it’s hard to follow the explanation.
5. Since the charts could be wider, and as they don’t have every date listed at the bottom, (or other identifier) he often points out a day in the text, that doesn’t have a date on the chart. This makes you have to hunt (and guess) for which candle he’s talking about.

Overall, I feel that if the font issue, and white space issues were resolved, this would be a much better book. But, I would suggest trying to find an old version of it (used). I have a PDF copy of the one from 1991, and while the white space isn’t perfect, it’s better, and the font size is much better.

The publisher certainly should have corrected all of these issues.

I did read an online version “Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits” by Stephen W. Bigalow from my local library website, and found that to be very good. It is the next one I’ll be getting in print.

Like another reviewer stated, getting the good information is like pulling teeth, painful.

The Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, 2nd Edition has areview score of 4.6 stars out of 5.

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